Aglaonema Silver Bay


Aglaonema Silver Bay is an extremely beautiful variety of Aglaonema with its deep rich green leaves covered with narrow bands of sparkling silvery-white stripes. She quickly awakens your senses and blends in your living room jungle with a fresh accent.

The name aglaonema is derived from the Greek ‘Aglos’, meaning bright, and ‘nema’, meaning thread, because of those variegated patterns on her leaves.

Aglaonemas are native to Central and Eastern Asia's rainforests, and despite their beautiful patterns, the plants are effortless to care for.

It's also known as a Chinese Evergreen - its natural environment is the evergreen rainforest. Still, despite that, it adapts perfectly to our apartments' conditions and makes an excellent plant for beginners.

One of the few variegated plants that can cope with poor lighting conditions is ideal for people who want to introduce a little color into the home interior in an uncomplicated way.

Bright indirect sunlight is the most favorable and will help the plant to produce its beautiful variegation patterns on the leaves. But be careful not to put your Aglaonema in full sun because, in many cases, the leaves will get burned. Your Aglaonema will tolerate a low light area, but the colors may not be as deep and rich.

She likes warm places - the higher the temperature, the higher the humidity should be. She will survive in a low humidity environment, but it will thrive with higher humidity levels.

It tolerates drought poorly, which is why you should water agglomerate abundantly in summer, preferably with soft water, while in winter slightly more economically.

To keep them thriving and growing, maintain temperatures above 16°C and re-pot her in spring, every three years or so.
The lower leaves may turn droopy and yellow and start to die. Don’t panic, this is a natural part of the plant’s process, and dying leaves are frequently replaced by new ones.

And, as the easy-care was not enough to make you grab one, this outstanding beauty was tested by NASA in their 1989 air purifying study. She removed a whole host of airborne toxins found in everyday homes.

The plant is 40 - 50 cm tall, and she will get to you in a 12 cm pot.