Alocasia Micholitziana "Frydek"

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Alocasia Frydek is your favorite alocasia for sure if you love dark velvety leaves. Dark green leaves with prominent lateral veins that are a bright white, in short, a stunning plant that brings tropic vibes to your home.

Native to Southeast Asia and Eastern Australia, she needs warm and humid conditions; however, she's a great house plant because she's doing well with various soils and pH levels.

Alocasia Fridek is the queen of consistency in how you care for this plant in terms of watering, temperature, humidity, and light, as small plants are quite fragile.

Make sure you're going to place your Alocasia Frydek somewhere in your home where the light is bright enough to cast a shadow but is out of direct sunlight. She will do best in bright indirect light, so if you notice she is growing very slowly, it means the light is insufficient.

All alocasias have thick, water-storing stems and petioles, which give them some succulent properties, but they do not tolerate drought at all. But they don't like wet feet either, so make sure to let the excess water drain fully to ensure the roots are not sitting in soggy soil.

Once you get used to each other, she'll reward you with rapid growth in the summer months and become a pleasure to the eye.

The plat is 45 cm tall and will be shipped in a 14 cm pot.