About Unifolia

Nice to meet you! This is unifolia.

Born from a collector's passion for wild beautifully shaped leaves in amazing prints, that are often hard to find.
Before Unifolia, was our passion for plants, researching, and sourcing them from all over the world for our personal collection. The excitement was so ecstatic every time we received special plants, so we started to share that joy.
Some of you already know us and have plants in their homes that we took care of, even before the shop was an idea. Long story short - our passions and your positive feedback pushed us to start UNIFOLIA.
We know that each and every indoor plant we sell is absolutely unique, that's why we do our best to let you choose the one you like to decorate your home, look beautiful and be a source of good energy.
Our stock is only available in extremely limited quantities and we never have more than a few plants of each variety at any one point in time. This ensures that every plant gets his part of love and dedicated care while living with us.

Plants remind us how amazing nature is, because they are incredibly beautiful interior accessories and because we need them. In the last few years, there was an increasing awareness that green plants are healthy, purify the air, provide cooling, reduce stress, and contribute to a healthy work environment. All these can lead to a better life and a healthier work environment.

Before leaving all plants are inspected watered and pruned if necessary. Your new plant is then bagged to keep the soil moist and to ensure that the soil stays in the pot. The rest of the plants will be carefully wrapped in kraft paper then surrounded by cushioned paper. Once all snug it's placed in a special design holder that will keep your plants secure with more cushioning if needed. Your plant will be shipped in a well-marked box!
Every plant we ship is always insured with the extra careful packaging, as we want it to adorn your home with the same beauty it left ours. But don't be surprised if you'll receive your plant shipped in an amazon box - we value more the environment than whose logo is on the box that gets in your trash bin. We try to recycle as much as we can, regarding packaging and packaging fillers, and use as less plastic as possible.

We prefer to ship the plants during the first part of the week, so we can make sure they will arrive on time, and they won't spend the weekend at the courier warehouse. If you prefer otherwise, please let us know in a note during checkout.

Please make sure you read our terms & conditions, shipping, and refund policy before placing an order.

PLEASE NOTE: Our plants are healthy, but some existing leaves on these plants will have some imperfections like small holes or tears. Just provide good humidity and bright indirect light and these plants will grow beautiful leaves for you in the future. Plants being sold are similar in size to the plant pictured, usually is that exact one, but sometimes the actual plant you receive can vary slightly.