About Unifolia

Hello there! Welcome to UNIFOLIA! Nice to meet you!

The passion for exotic plants is truly contagious. Trust us, we know.  Unifolia was born in 2019 from a collector's passion for wild, beautifully shaped leaves in unique prints that are often hard to find. But there were years of researching and sourcing plants from all over the world for our personal collection before even thinking about embarking on such an adventurous journey.

We started off small with a baby Fiddle-leaf fig in our living room. In no time, our apartment had become a home for tens of exotic plants, and we had become the “proud parents” of some of the most pretentious “babies” there are. Some of you already know us and have plants in their homes that we had previously taken care of before the shop was even an idea.

At some point, our apartment had become too small for all the plants we were fostering. So, as much as we loved them, we took the difficult decision of selling some of them to trusted people, with all the separation anxiety that followed. But we know we made the right call. Because our clients rock and all these rare, exotic plants now have more room of their own. 

Long story short - our passion and the positive feedback we received from you pushed us to start UNIFOLIA. 

We know that each indoor plant we sell is unique. That's why we do our best to let you choose the one you like most to decorate your home- because plants are meant to look beautiful and be a source of positive energy. They are a wonderful reminder about how fantastic nature is because they are gorgeous “flatmates” and because- let’s face it- we need them. Perhaps you have already noticed how much plants improve your wellness and wellbeing from the very first day you bring them home.

In the last few years, there was an increasing awareness that green plants are healthy, purify the air, provide cooling, reduce stress, and contribute to a healthy work environment. All these can lead to a better life and a healthier work environment. More and more people have become interested in owning an exotic plant, either out of pure curiosity or because they got “infected” with this virus (as we mentioned above- this passion is contagious; getting an exotic plant is very much like getting your first tattoo)

This is how we managed to reconcile our mission and our philosophy with our passion.
We are well-aware of how appreciated these rare, exotic plants are. So we have chosen to put all our knowledge and passion in the service of bringing them to all the plant enthusiasts out there, in the best shape possible. Each and every one of the plants that enter our shop gets to spend a healthy amount of time with us, a period over which we take care of acclimating and preparing them for the kind of environment that will become their forever home.

Our stock is only available in minimal quantities, and we never have more than a few plants of each variety at any one point in time. This way, we make sure that every plant gets its part of love and dedicated care while living with us. You can get more information about how we take care of our plants before selling or shipping them by reading our FAQ page, as well as the one about shipping.
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