Plant Care

  • All plants are already potted in an aroid mix specially made for each of them, so you won't need to worry about soil, or repotting them anytime soon. They are shipped in a reusable black round plastic pot, with drainage holes, which is easy to use with your favorite cover pot.

  • To avoid the mineral buildup that can harm the plants in the long term, our plants are bottom watered using only distilled water, and from time to time aquarium water. In both cases, the water is previously prepared to make sure the PH suits their needs. From time to time, we are using the leaching process to make sure we remove the salt deposits.

  • We only use 100% organic liquid fertilizer produced from pasture grass, produced under strict regulations in the EU, free of genetically modified material, chemicals, and additives. We're using the same fertilizer for foliage feeding.

  • All plants are kept in an environment with high humidity, proper lighting conditions, and very good ventilation; checked once a week, preventively treated, and when time allows us, spoiled by our guilty pleasure for cleaning and wiping every single leaf. 

  • We plan ahead of their watering schedule so we can make sure your plant will not travel in wet soil, without the possibility to use the water- a process that makes them prone to root rot during shipping. (Plants are using the water in the soil only in the presence of light.) Your new plant will be packed in such a way so the moist soil will stay in the pot. The rest of the plants will be carefully wrapped in kraft paper then surrounded by cushioned paper. Your plant will travel in a well-marked box!

  • Even if that's a time-consuming process, we do our best to offer enough pictures and updated details for every single plant, so you can choose exactly the one you want to bring to your home. 

  • Before shipping, all plants are inspected and pruned if necessary. Each plant that leaves our shop is accompanied by theEuropean Plant Passport- a safety measure aimed at protecting you and the other plants against plant pests (Regulation (EU) 2016/2031). The aim of the Regulation is to make every plant traceable so that it will be easier to trace the source of plant pests and/or diseases.

  • Every plant we ship is always secured with extra careful packaging, as we want it to reach your home being as beautiful as it was when it left our shop. But don't be surprised if you receive your plant shipped in an Amazon box - we value more the environment than whose logo is on the box that- let’s be honest- will end up in your trash bin. We try to recycle as much as we can regarding packaging and packaging fillers and use as little plastic as possible.

  • We prefer to ship the plants during the first part of the week to make sure the plants won't spend the weekend at the courier's warehouse. Please let us know in a note during checkout if you prefer otherwise.

  • Please make sure you read our terms & conditions, shipping, and refund policy before placing an order.

PLEASE NOTE: Our plants are healthy, but some existing leaves on these plants will have imperfections, such as small holes or tears. Just provide good humidity and bright indirect light, and these plants will grow beautiful leaves for you in the future. All the available plants are similar in size to the plant pictured (we usually ship that exact one), but sometimes the actual plant you receive can vary slightly.