Anthurium Angamarcanum

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Anthurium Angamarcanum has unique dark velvety leaves with light veins. He's endemic to Columbia.

Collectors grow Anthurium angamarcanum for the velvety sheen and exaggerated length of the leaf blades. The veins of this tropical velvet anthurium are silvery and prominent. As a truly velvet foliage wonder can grow leaves up to 60 cm in length under the right care conditions. 

The leaf's surface is covered with fine, dense silky pubescence (hair), pendent or elongated in shape, sometimes even heart-shaped.

In the forests, they grow under the shades of trees, so they are sensitive to direct sun and easily burn, but require constant bright indirect light to thrive indoors.

They grow in the cracks in big trees, drawing nutrients from the air, rainwater and dead leaves, and animal droppings that collect around their roots. Because they are root-bound don’t need a lot of soil substrate.

One great Anthurium angamarcanum care hack uses rainwater or water from your fish tank. There are trace minerals in rainwater that are great for the plant. Fish droppings are a nutrient feast for Anthuriums. 

Warm temperatures are ideal - at least 15 degrees, humid air, lots of filtered light, and rich organic aerated soil.

The plant is 30-35 cm tall and will be shipped potted in a 12 cm round pot.