Anthurium Argyrostachyum

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Anthurium Argyrostachyum is found in Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador.

It is a rare plant with a wonderful leaf texture because it's one of those really hard to ship in mint condition, but if that happens, he recovers quickly if he's getting high humidity.

These amazing exotic plants require cool night-time temperatures, excellent drainage, and good water quality to develop and maintain perfect leaves. Anthurium species are highly variable, and not every leaf of every specimen will always look the same.

He loves high air circulation and humidity and medium light.
In our experience, he's doing better when the temperature isn't too high.

All parts of the plant contain calcium oxalate crystals, an irritant to the mouth and esophagus; it's toxic to cats and dogs.

The plant is 55 cm tall and will be shipped in a 12 cm pot