Anthurium Besseae

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Native to Bolivia, Anthurium Besseae has beautiful, dark, and velvety leaves, making its white leaf veins particularly striking.
New leaves first unfold in dark red and subsequently develop the dark green color, while the back of the leaves retains a slightly reddish color.

He is a tropical, epiphytic, semi-evergreen species with intriguing foliage. It has broad, dark-green, velvety, and unique-shaped leaves. This plant is known for its stunning venation; the leaves have bright silver, deep veins running down its leaves. Too bad; not many people know about this plant!

This plant grows at a moderate pace. Its growth rate is determined by its watering, sunlight exposure, temperature, and humidity levels. In ideal conditions, it produces new leaves every other month. But if its growing conditions are compromised, its growth rate slows down.

Anthurium Besseae is fond of highly humid environments. Its deep-colored velvety leaves need high atmospheric moisture for their lush growth. You should set the room humidity for this plant around 80%.

Luckily, it is a drought-tolerant plant that can survive periods of low water availability. The thick foliage of this plant has the water-retaining ability that can save water for any harsh situations.

This plant is a surprisingly low-maintenance houseplant that can easily survive a fair amount of neglect.

The plant is shipped in a 12 cm pot.