Anthurium Forgetii Silver


Anthurium Forgetii Silver is one of the rarest tropical plants.

Anthurium Forgetii is originally native to Colombia's tropical rainforest; with its beautiful round leaves, it really stands out in any collection.

Forgetii doesn’t have lobes or a sinus at the top of the leaf, which provides a distinct oval shape. Generally found in two forms, these exotic plants can be grown in either plain form or silver veining. Either way, as an Anthurium plant, they are some of the coolest houseplants on display.

Many refer to it as being a little bit on the fussy side compared to its other Anthurium family members.

The plant’s growth rate will more than likely depend on your home conditions, but it's not a fast grower. Hence, they make a perfect addition to those with limited space in the home.

As these anthurium types are usually found in tree branches, moss, or leaf litters, they thrive when you replicate such conditions.

Because of its native environment, Anthurium forgetii needs a soil mix like what you would use for orchids.
It is best kept in a more medium-light environment, and the soil should remain slightly moist throughout the growing season.
For the best results, offering around 60% humidity is the best practice for an Anthurium forgetii.

This plant will be shipped in a 12 cm nursery pot.