Anthurium Pallidiflorum

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Anthurium Pallidiflorum, also called Strap Leaf Anthurium, is a must-have for your collection if you love pendent Anthuriums with velvety leaves.

Anthurium Pallidiflorum is native to Ecuador, and it's threatened by habitat loss.
He has long, velvety leaves and belongs to the Porphyrochitonium section of Anthuriums. Its leaves have a wonderful sheen. When sunlight hits the leaves, it will exhibit a stunningly glittery display.

This fantastic plant love to live in warm areas 20 to 32 degrees Celsius, so it's perfect for growing indoors. He needs well-lit locations with medium, indirect sunlight and a humus-rich mix that's either peat-based or sphagnum moss.

Water is the most essential element of plant care for Anthurium Pallidiflorum. He is sensitive to over and underwatering.

Anthurium Pallidiflorum is used to high humidity, he will enjoy living next to a humidifier, but he can survive in moderate humidity - 40-60%.

You can grow it in hanging baskets with coco liners, preferable to a standard pot.