Anthurium Queremalense

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Anthurium Queremalense, is a very striking, rare, and giant terrestrial species, apparently restricted to the middle elevation cloud forest in the vicinity of the old Cali-Buenaventura road in Valle del Cauca in western Colombia.

Of fairly recent discovery (formal description pending), it is part of the well-known Anthurium “marmoratum” group, which includes many spectacular large, velvet-leaf species.

An outstanding species in cultivation for those with the space to show it off.
Besides the very attractive, deep green velvety leaves with contrast-colored veins when mature, anthurium queremalense should grow well in shady interiors. This species is also easy for growers with space to allow the leaves to mature under intermediate to hot tropical conditions.

It prefers good quality water and relatively high humidity. It must be sheltered from the wind.

A fantastic species for growers and a unique opportunity to grab one.

The plant is 50 cm tall and will be shipped in a 12 cm pot.