Anthurium Regale

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When no one’s watching, we’re all kings and queens, and our home is a castle. Why not honor it with something truly royal?

Anthurium Regale, an exquisite aroid, identified in 1888, with its coriaceous (leathery) leaves, is a rarity and one of nature’s most exquisite wonders.

This aroid is a member of section Cardiolonchium, a section characterized by plants with velvety leaves on the upper surface. Other well-known members of this Anthurium section include Anthurium Crystallinum, Anthurium Magnificum, and Anthurium Warocqueanum.

This amazing, noble specimen can grow stunningly large, provided you offer it the conditions it prefers- that is, indirect exposure to sunlight, moderate temperature, high humidity, and damp, well-drained potting media.

Spoil it the way it deserves, and it will repay you accordingly: with incredible growth and leaves that may eventually exceed 1m, sometimes growing even larger! Collectors who have observed the plant in Peru report specimens with leaves approaching 2 meters.

A truly rare aroid, Anthurium Regale is one almost any collector would love to add to their collection! Are you among them?

The plant is approx 80 cm tall, and the leaf is over 50 cm long, as a reference - the pot he's been living in has 17 cm in diameter.