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Anthurium Regale


An exquisite aroid, identified in 1888, a specimen of Anthurium regale, is often difficult to locate, and some find it difficult to grow.

This aroid is a member of section Cardiolonchium, a section characterized by plants with velvety leaves on the upper surface. Other well-known members of this Anthurium section include Anthurium Crystallinum, Anthurium Magnificum, and Anthurium Warocqueanum.

With its coriaceous (leathery) leaves, Anthurium Regale can grow stunningly large. If you offer a specimen the conditions it prefers, Anthurium Regale will reward you with incredible growth and eventually attain leaves that may exceed 1m, sometimes larger! Collectors who have observed the plant in Peru report specimens with leaves approaching 2 meters.

In nature, the plant receives primarily moderate light. They have a good tolerance to partially shady places, especially in winter, but can’t bear long hours of direct sunlight exposure.

High humidity and damp, well-drained potting media appear crucial. Always avoid over-watering the Anthuriums. This will lead to several plant problems, including root rot and fungus.

A truly rare Anthurium, Anthurium regale is one almost any collector would love to add to a collection! But if you wish to grow it well, be sure and give the plant what it expects and deserves: cool, very humid, damp, and well-drained growing conditions!

The beauty of the velvety Anthuriums comes with a price. Yes, that is the high concentration of calcium oxalate crystals in their body leading to toxicity.

The plant is 50 cm tall, and the leaf is almost 40 cm long, he will be shipped in a 15 cm pot.