Begonia Masoniana


Begonia Masoniana grows slowly and reaches 30-60 centimeters in height. Its undoubted advantage is the original color and the unique structure of the leaves. The leaf blade has a juicy green color, with a brown irregular pattern, on its surface, that extends along the innervation. Large leaves are densely covered with rough bumps that may resemble small spines. On the edges of the leaves you can see a delicate border of brown color, which subtly emphasizes their irregular, heart-shaped shape.

The plant is very rarely found on sale, recommended to collectors of unusual exotic species.

She will be happy to live in a bright spot with diffused light, likes to receive lukewarm water only when the top layer of the substrate has dried, but doesn't like sprinkling.

The plant is 30 cm  tall and will be shipped in a 12 cm pot.