Calathea Ornata

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Calathea ornata, also known by many names as pin-stripe calathea, cathedral plant, peacock, or zebra plant, is a beautiful species of the Marantaceae "prayer plant" family.
It is native to South America, especially Colombia and Venezuela, and Africa, West Indies, and Thailand. Still, it is widely cultivated as a houseplant because of its unique and appealing pink stripe, glossy foliage pattern.
In nature, they can grow up to 70 cm in height and width, making them ideal for decorating and adding coziness and visual appeal to any home.

Plants from Maranta's family are often called living plants because they open and close their leaves based on time of the day and the light's movement, which is activating the joint between the leaf and stem.
If you sit in silence, you can even hear them move!

As gorgeous as she is, you might also hear that she's a fussy plant, and its care might not be the easiest sometimes, but we've got all the tips you'll ever need to keep yours thriving.

All Calatheas are humidity lovers, making them perfect for those of you who tend to overwater their plants. They love to have moist soil at all times, but make sure you're letting the excess water escape after every watering so that you can make sure you are avoiding root rot.
She doesn't like to sit in completely dry soil - make sure to water it before it dries out. That's why the best potting soil for her is a peat-based one to retain water and stay moist for longer. You might want to mix bigger chunks of bark or moss into the soil so you can facilitate the air circulation to the roots and let them breathe even when the soil is wet. Make sure you'll fertilize monthly during the growing season.

Calatheas are tropical plants. They thrive in temperatures between 18 and 30 degrees and bright indirect sunlight. Their ideal spot would be near a south or west-facing window under a thin curtain. Make sure you won't let yours sit in direct sunlight for too long because her leaves will start to fade.

To keep your calatheas happy, you need to mimic their tropical environment. These plants need a lot of humidity, and often they might need to live closer to a humidifier.

Ornata, it's known for her diva tantrums from time to time - when she's not getting the care she needs. Her most common problem is caused by dry air, making its leaves crispy and brown. If you notice the leaves fading to white, that means light is too bright for her, and you should move it to a more shaded spot.

The plant is 25 - 30 cm tall, and it's shipped in a 12 cm pot.