Calathea Picturata

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Calathea picturata is a species of the Marantaceae family native to northwest Brazil. Her leaves are dark green above and purple below, marked heavily with silver along the veins and midriff.

Highly-decorative houseplant with colorful, variegated foliage, they thrive in spots with high humidity. Calathea is a shade plant since, in nature, it grows in the densely vegetated tropical rainforests of South America.
A North facing windowsill would be a perfect choice.

Do not allow the potting soil to dry out completely - but take care: water standing in the pot means wet roots, which Calathea does not like. So give the plant regular but small amounts of water!

Plants from Maranta's family are often called living plants because they open and close their leaves based on the day's time and the light's movement, which is activating the joint between the leaf and stem.
If you sit in silence, you can even hear them move!

This outstanding beauty was tested by NASA in their 1989 air purifying study. She removed a whole host of airborne toxins found in everyday homes.

The plant is 40 - 50 cm tall and will be shipped in a 12 cm pot.