Cryptanthus Bivittatus 'Red Star'

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Cryptanthus Bivittatus is a spectacular, slow-growing, star-like-shaped bromeliad, with striking streaks of saturated green and pink on its elliptic foliage that arches downward in a rosette shape and grows horizontally and low to the ground.

His leaves are spirally-arranged in a flattish rosette, stiff, elongated, and lance head-shaped, narrow, up to 15 cm long, with undulated and serrated margins, bending backward towards the tips, variegated with longitudinal stripes ranging from various shades of pink, red, to crimson or maroon, white to cream and light green to dark olive-green, with ash-grey undersides.

Almost a hassle-free plant, it requires minimum care and grows quickly under light conditions ranging from bright light indoors to intense filtered light outdoors. Strong, full sun should be avoided as extreme sunlight causes bleaching.

The tones of the vibrant colors displayed on its foliage depend on the light intensity, with low to medium light making the colors on the leaves dull and less vibrant, and strong bright light for best foliage color. It prefers a humid environment and moist, rich, and well-drained soil.