Hoya Memoria Gracilis


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Hoya memoria "gracilis" is a vining epiphytic plant in the Apocynaceae family.
Native to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, it makes an easy houseplant, ideally suited for pots or a hanging basket.
It has attractive waxy foliage with pretty speckled leaves and sweetly caramel perfumed flowers.

It is a robust plant and only requires average humidity.

H. memoria needs bright, indirect light. It can tolerate some morning or evening light but avoid the hot midday sun, or the leaves will yellow and scorch. Hoya memoria is not hardy, and foliage will burn and die if exposed to frost. It can handle continual temperatures down to 15°C, and growth will continually suffer above 35°C.

Use a very well-draining soil mix and re-pot at least every other year with a coarse, extremely well-draining substrate.

Water your Hoya moderately during the growing season, and reduce watering in winter. Feed her every few weeks during the growing period. Water thoroughly, allowing excess to drain. Never allow the plant's roots to sit in standing water.

The plant is available in a 12 cm hanging or standing pot.