Hoya Wayetii

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Hoya wayetii is a common Hoya, a succulent with green leaves and borders getting somewhat brownish in bright light. Small bunches of numerous tiny reddish flowers grow on the vine on warm days to enhance its beauty.

This easy-care succulent vine is suitable for indoor and outdoor. His growth habit is dense and low and makes it suitable for ground covers at well-lit and shady places. Besides, they love to grow under the trees or in groups of other plants with similar requirements.

The leaves grow with pink and red tones, which mature into yellow to off-white and green with darker borders.
For these elongated leaves, bright indirect light is ideal, but exposure to direct sunlight might be harmful.

They love to be in humid areas, but a medium humidity level is enough to keep your Wayetti Hoya happy.

Make sure that your hoya is placed in a well-ventilated place and doesn’t remain wet for long.

The plant will be shipped in a 12 cm pot.