Macramé Plant Hanger Twisted

Give your vining plants some height with these fantastic handmade macrame plant hangers.

Plant hangers are always a practical solution for adding natural textures to your home and creating a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

You can hang them on your ceiling, wall, curtain stand, or any underused vertical space in a sunny corner of your room.

They are convenient and versatile because they have a robust, flexible woven design that can accommodate various planters' shapes and sizes, perfect for any small space or those of us with a bit to more plants.

Handmade in Berlin, of 4mm natural cotton rope and thick wooden rings, natural or varnished.

Eco-friendly, washable, and durable.

The plant hanger has 80 cm total length, 70 cm from the ring to the pot's base, and it can hold pots up to 14 cm in diameter.

The plants and pots are not included.