Philodendron Florida Ghost

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The Philodendron Florida Ghost is a fun plant named for its white leaves that resemble little flying ghosts. But don’t worry, this plant is not scary at all!
Philodendron Florida Ghost is very popular and somewhat rare, therefore, it can be difficult to get your hands on, but caring for this beauty is easy. Two important care requirements are watering and light levels. It likes to remain moist, and it needs plenty of bright, indirect light in order to remain white.

Keep your Philodendron Florida Ghost moist but not wet. Lots of very bright light will help the leaves stay white, however, don’t put it in direct light, which could harm the leaves.
This Philodendron will always like a little extra humidity but it will be totally fine in normal household humidity levels.

In the winter, your Philodendron Florida Ghost will go dormant, commencing growth again in the spring. While your plant won’t die all the way back, you won’t see any new growth during dormancy.

The plant will be shipped in a 12 cm nursery pot.