Philodendron Giganteum

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If you like philodendrons that get huge this is the one for you!

This is one of the largest climbing philodendrons known. Growing along the ground this monster can produce masses of elephant ear shaped foliage.
Typically smaller in home care but still very showy with its large green shiny leaves.

Each leathery leaf is large, dark green with lighter green veins. It is shaped like an abstract oval heart, having wavy edges and two lobes that may overlap. The semi-woody stem "trunk" of large vines often sends down picturesque aerial roots ("Tarzan's ropes") to either nudge themselves into lower tree trunk crotches, or to physically root in the soil far below.

Grow giant philodendron in fertile, fast-draining, moist soils that are not alkaline. Typically growing in dappled shade on trees, it will tolerate a fair amount of direct sunlight if humidity and soil moisture is high.

All parts of the giant philodendron are poisonous, containing the irritant calcium oxalate; juices from cut stems and leaves can cause a skin rash.


The plant is 40 cm tall and will be shipped in a 12 cm pot.