Philodendron Hederaceum Brasil

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Philodendron Hederaceum Oxycardium Brasil is known as the Sweetheart Plant, or Heart-Leaf, due to the beautiful leaf shape.

This 'Brasil' variety has stunning golden-yellow variegated leaves.
He is a vining philodendron and can grow to incredible lengths, either as a climber or left trailing from a hanging basket.

They can tolerate all kinds of neglect: low light, poor soil, and even inconsistent watering. That's why he's an excellent first-time houseplant, and it's perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the natural green beauty of plants without a lot of maintenance.

Despite their impressive appearance and size, the plants are easy to care for and suitable for beginners.

Philodendron Brasil is incredibly versatile. He's doing his best in medium light but can tolerate bright light with no direct sunlight. Perfect for shady spots too. The brighter the location - the more beautiful the leaf colors will develop.

Before watering, allow the top of the soil to dry out. The plant will tolerate some degree of drought better than having its roots too wet.

A row of trailing Philodendron scandens makes a fantastic living, a green curtain.

The plant is 35 - 40 cm tall and will be shipped in a 13 cm pot.