Philodendron Lacerum

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Philodendron lacerum is found in nature in Jamaica, Cuba, and on the island of Hispaniola including both the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Philodendron lacerum grows as either an epiphyte or a hemiepiphytic species. An epiphyte is as species that grows upon the side of branches of a tree as a result of a seed being placed in the tree in the droppings of a bird, animal or bat. A hemiepiphyte normally begins life as a seed which has fallen to the ground and then climbs the host tree. Hemiepiphytes may also be epiphytic (a plant that begins life on the branch of a tree) and then drop roots to the soil that become firmly established in the soil.

Giant elephant ear shaped leaves have lobed edges and can get rather large. Green and glossy the leaves grow off of a slightly flattened stem or petioles. A beautiful aroid for any collection.

Lacerum Philodendrons enjoy well drained but moist, rich organic mix.

the plant is 50 - 55 cm tall and will be shipped in a 12 cm pot.