Philodendron Luxurians

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Philodendron Luxurians will be the official name for one of the most fantastic foliage philodendrons out there! - big velvety leaves with an iridescent sheen and bright white veins.
While it's not yet been formally described, a publication of this species is expected to be published very soon.

The source of plants currently in cultivation has been a mystery; many, familiar with both the plant and the region, found it a bit hard to swallow. Some presume it's growing at high elevation in the Ecuadorian cloud forest, some others in the Choco province in Colombia, creeping along the ground in low light. It is unclear whether nurseries are/were unaware of their origin or were intentionally obfuscating areas to protect their "source" from commercial-scale poaching.

Just like a P. Gloriosum, if you give it the space to roam, it will grow leaves as big as the gloriosum does.

Everyone agrees! - it's probably the most beautiful philodendron when grown to perfection; it's difficult to describe in words the loveliness of a luxurians philodendron - there's absolutely no way to see it in real life and not appreciate the beauty of this plant!

The upper leaf surfaces have the richest velvety dark green, with underleaf surfaces either whitish-green or very faintly suffused with pink. Plants grown under suboptimal conditions, especially when too bright and dry, may rapidly assume a matte leaf aspect.

However, he's not a plant for beginners! This species is considered by many who have grown it (or attempted) to be an exceptionally challenging rare aroid species in captivity. In order to thrive, he needs low light and deep shade, cool temperatures, and very high humidity!