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Philodendron Nangaritense XXL

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Philodendron Nangaritense is recently discovered. The river where the species was discovered runs close to the border with Peru and the Philodendron appears to be endemic (exclusively found) only in that valley. As a result, P. nangaritense is currently extremely rare in collections.

The most distinctive portion of the species is the extraordinary petiole. The petioles are a rich red and are covered with small hard tubercles that make the petiole appear fuzzy. New leaves also unfurl from each side of the blade and exhibit a deep pink with a red petiole as they unfurl. The exquisite contrast between the green of the leaf and the red petiole is stunning and makes this species an unusual addition to any collection.

New leaves come out kind of pink - golden and matures into dark green.

It doesn’t climb, but rather creeps along the ground, similar to P. gloriosum or P. mamei.

He needs high humidity, medium-light and air circulation, and fast-draining soil.

The plant is 60 cm tall, 100 cm wide, and will be shipped in a 15 cm pot.