Philodendron Rugosum


Philodendron Rugosum was not described until relatively recently and is already on the “near threatened” list.

The odd texture and color of Philo rugosum almost give it the appearance of a plastic plant.

The Rugosum, native to Ecuador, has large, bright green peltate leaves. Its leaves are more circular than other members of its family, matching a Lily Pad shape more closely than a heart. It is a climber, with the leaves getting larger and rounder as it climbs. At a distance, it appears to have a uniform texture, but will reveal itself to have a woven pattern on closer inspection.

The Rugosum is considered a slow but easy to grow houseplant, requiring a lot of filtered sunlight. As a Philodendron, it requires both good drainage and constant moisture – owners should take care to avoid keeping it in areas that may dry out quickly.