Philodendron Undulatum

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It is a shrub, native to swampy areas of Brazil and Paraguay.

Perennial, herbaceous, variable, robust, vigorous, with aerial roots and undefined or prostrate upward growth. 
He can reach 2-3 meters in height, its foliage is lush, it does not go unnoticed in any way, it draws much attention, due to its large leaves with wavy edges, and it's very very ornamental.

Large, leathery, oval-sagittal leaves, with wavy margins.
Few foliage can be as expressive as Philodendron undulatum. Each fold, groove, hue and curve demonstrate how perfect nature is.

He likes the sun and half shade, if he has water around, he gets more and more vigorous.
It tolerates cold and light frosts, as well as aquatic environments.

Its cultivation is simple, half shade, soil rich in organic matter, well drained and moist soil.

The plant is 65 cm tall and will be shipped in a 12 cm pot.