Zantedeschia Black Hero

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The Zantedeschia Calla is native to the South African swamps.

She stands out with its black color flowers, which bloom between May and August, last for almost two months, and make her a beautiful houseplant.

They are sensual, graceful, suggestive, and exotic, leaving many surprised at how easy growing and caring for these plants can be.

Its location should be bright, sunny, and warm, but Callas thrives everywhere from full sun to partial shade with indirect sunlight. Even so - bright, indirect light is ideal.
Dense shade might put a damper on bud count, and scorching midday summer sun can prove equally challenging.

It would be best if you watered them regularly, but not excessively.

Keep her away from heaters and ca vents, feed her once a month with liquid fertilizer, and reduce water when the plant goes dormant.

The plant is 50 cm tall and will be shipped in a 14 cm pot.